An Antarctic Night and a Building Bombing

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I don’t remember most of the first part of this morning’s dream, but I do recall wandering the streets of some city late at night in a shiny new pair of red Dr Martens boots, then finding myself indoors where I was watching my father play trumpet in a band of his old friends. (To my knowledge, my father has never played the trumpet, and in the dream, he wasn’t very good at it, although it seemed to be because he was out of practice.) Apparently, I was in was in Antarctica, because I remember taking out my phone to check in on Foursquare, seeing my GPS location on a map, and wondering if it was close enough to the South Pole to make a valid check-in there.)

In the second part of the dream, I was visiting CBS Radio of Baltimore, my old workplace. It had apparently been a long time since I had last visited, and I was warmly welcomed by those who remembered me. People were gathering in one part of the building for an all-staff meeting, and as I walked through the gathering crowd, I looked down and saw that I was wearing only boxer shorts rather than the cargo shorts I thought I was wearing. Embarrassed, I quickly went out to the car to change. I feared that I had left my shorts in Antarctica, but as I got to my car, I reached down and felt my pockets filled with what I normally carry, and realized that I was wearing my shorts underneath my boxer briefs for some reason.

I went back into the building (after fixing the clothing problem, I assume), and came to realize that a red-headed guy I know of (but whose name I can’t remember) from Baltimore neighborhood bar Bad Decisions was planning to blow up the building with the help of his crew. I did all I could to discourage his plan, by letting all of his people know that I was on to their plan, taking things they needed, talking to them out loud when they were trying to be covert, and warning them of the consequences of their plan; it frustrated them, but they seemed determined to carry out their terrorist mission. At this point, the all-staff meeting started and the entire building began to drive around town (which it apparently was built to be able to do, although it had never been done before). I found a former co-worker of mine that I trusted, purchased something from him (I don’t remember what), and warned him of the plot against the building.

It was at this point that I woke up.


Roller Derby, a Ranch, and Radio Stations

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I had a dream last night that I was running some sort of ranch along with members of the Charm City Roller Girls. I remember there being some industrial labor going on…18-wheeler tractor trailers being loaded up and such. At some point, there was an incident when I was forced to mildly choke one of the girls in order to subdue her for some reason, but it was deemed that I had done the right thing under the circumstances.

At some point, the ranch became more of a radio station, and I found myself interviewing Bj√∂rk. I wasn’t nearly as nervous as I would have been in real life (consider that I’ve always been a big fan of hers), but my interview was just as boring as it would have been. Federal Kill of the CCRG was present during the interview, seemingly to supervise it; she didn’t say or do anything.

The dream ended with a rather irrelevant revelation: I discovered that Baltimore radio station WJZ-AM (“ESPN Radio 1300”) was changing its call letters to WBWI and flipping to a format that was either Spanish or gospel music…I can’t clearly remember which it was.

Gator Terror

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This morning I had a dream that I lived and worked next to a Burger King that had a moat in which a deadly alligator (or crocodile?) lived. The creature was huge–easily eight feet long–and too fast to escape from on foot.